Post#3: An Adventure to the CNE

I spent last Saturday afternoon at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) talking to urbanites about their impressions about agriculture and I found that almost everyone I talked to had a very positive view of farmers and the work that they do.  I talked with a wide range people of all ages hailing from as far as Denmark (who ironically enough was reading about the Danish entry system at the Ontario Pork display when I started talking to her) but the message that I heard from people to farmers seemed universal: ‘Thank-You’.  Almost every person I chatted with seemed genuinely grateful for the work that farmers do and the food that they provide.  When I asked people about the rise of local food and whether it was important to them many people said that they had started to go out the farmers market instead of the grocery store, especially for things like produce because they felt it was fresher and they enjoyed the experience.

Throughout the day I was carrying my new HD pocket cam to get some videos of the people that I talked too.  Some of the clips have been loaded up on YouTube and can be found at the following link:

Please excuse the shoddy camera work, it was my first time with a pocket cam and I am working on my ability to direct short films, lol


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