Post#5 Adventures in Chinatown

When I was starting out into the realm of social media Lilian Schaer, author of the blog “Food and Farming Canada” was kind enough to sit down with me and give me some tips on how to be an effective blogger.  One of the key messages was to post regularly to keep the interest level piqued.  This spring Lilian took it upon herself to do a ‘blogathon’ and attempted to blog everyday for one month.  I’ve decided that I’m going to undertake a mini version of a blogathon and will attempt to blog for 5 consecutive days this week.

Today’s post coincides with a video that was posted on YouTube ( this afternoon that gave some clips from my adventures in Chinatown over the Labour Day weekend with my good friend Matt Douglas.  I wanted to observe how other cultures experience their food and since we sell BBQ pigs that end up in Chinatown I figured that would be the best place to start.

One thing that jumped out at me in the largest of the grocery stores that we visited was the simple yet very effective labeling system.  When our government decides to revamp our convoluted and confusing labeling system I suggest the head on down to Spadina Ave.  There was no rocket science going on, the grocer simply put out labels in Mandarin (I think…my character knowledge is lacking) and English that gave the price and where the product was grown.   There was no debate about the percentage of the good that was Canadian or whether it should be called Product of Canada or Made in Canada; merely this is how much it costs and this is where it was grown.  Even processed meats, something that a label reader like me can’t decipher in the regular grocery store generally included where the animal was raised.  Another neat observation that I made was the demographic mosaic that was shopping in the stores.  While the majority of people were Asian, I still heard more languages then I can count on my hands and there seemed to be people of every age group in the stores.

We ended off the day by sitting down on the patio at Kensington Cornerstone ( to enjoy delicious Caesers that included a generous amount of horseradish and gluten free calamari.  If you are a celiac living in Toronto you may want to check this place out, the menu is entirely gluten free and they offer pitchers of mixed drinks since beer is not allowed in the gluten free environment.

See everyone tomorrow


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