There are lots of cool things that we get to see on the farm but there is one thing that is more awesome then any other….witnessing birth.  After sitting here for 15 minutes trying to think of a way to describe it I’ve decided to cut bait and say that seeing it is beyond words.

Since I find watching a sow farrow (that’s what we call it when pigs give birth) so neat I decided that the next time sows were farrowing I would head out to the barn with my camera and try to catch it on film. One important point before you watch the the YouTube video below; I can’t take the credit for the camera work.  My sister Kathleen did the hard part of filming, I just edited it.

Before you watch the video, remember that the birthing process is not always pretty in fact; some times it is downright messy.  If you don’t like the sight of blood then this movie may not be for you.  That being said, I’d encourage you to send me any questions about what you see.


On to the video….



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