Time to Kill In Nicaragua, Why Not Blog

This morning our bus ride up north has been derailed by a mission to get coffee so I had a bit of time to share some thoughts…

Our trip here has been incredibly rewarding, albeit has been an emotional rollercoaster.  It is difficult to see so many people in need with a limited supply of goods to share.  People who have been on trips like this before tell us that it is just something you need to get used to; you help who you can because you can’t do much more.

In terms of our work, we accomplished a fair amount.  We managed to build the structure for 2 classrooms.  The flooring and roof will now be done by local labour after our departure.  When I get home I can post some pictures of our work.

The thing that has hit home for me the most is the pure joy that you see on the faces of the local people.  When I’m at home, its not a stretch to say that I spend more time worrying then I do smiling and I have never missed a meal, I’ve never had to wonder where my parents are, in general I’ve lived an incredibly lucky life.  Though many people here live on no more then 3 or 4 dollars a day, it seems that Nicaraguans go through life with a smile on their face.

In terms of agriculture here, I’m not sure what to think.  We have driven by some very prosperous looking farms with new grain bins and chicken barns that have obviously been built in the past couple of years but the majority of the land as been lying fallow for quite some time judging by the scruff trees that are popping up.  I’ve yet to get an answer on why it isn’t being farmed.  The only conclusive information is that it was once used for sugarcane production but when the local processor was sold and closed that industry collapsed.  You can see that there is some potential in the soil judging by the farms described above and I hypothesize that with a little foreign investment Nicaragua could be returned to its former place of Central America’s breadbasket.

Anyways, the bus is here and I’ve got to run


2 thoughts on “Time to Kill In Nicaragua, Why Not Blog

  1. A Douglas says:

    I’ve been to Nicaragua a couple of times. Who were you there with?

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