Voting Season

“Do what young people are dying all over the world to do…Vote”

Rick Mercer had an awesome “Rick’s Rant” in his season finale last night about the upcoming election; encouraging young people to get out and vote.  Here is the clip:

Normally I blog about farm related things but tonight, agriculture needs a night off.  Politics has always fascinated me; I think I scared my parent a bit because what 8 year old in their right mind would rather talk politics then Tonka trucks.  I remember being excited the first time I got to vote, I went to Wallace Public School with my Mum and Dad and for the first time I gave my opinion on how Canada should be run.

I’m not sure why most young people don’t vote but I’m guessing that it is because they think that their one voice really doesn’t matter.  That’s why Rick’s closing phrase resonated with me so much; People all over the world have and are still giving their lives to give us the freedom it takes to go out and vote.  In the last few months we have seen people across the globe rise up and demand democracy yet we here are stuck in apathy.

Canadians owe it to our global neighbours to take advantage of where we were born.  The minute we were born we won the lottery.  We have a country that provides healthcare and education; a country that is rich in both culture and resources.  Our country gives us so much and we owe it to Canada to get off the couch May 2nd and vote.


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