Monthly Archives: November 2016

Underpinned by Faith

The origin of this post lies in a private exchange I had with a fellow farmer this week.  This person disagreed with some of my tweets from the US election season and wanted to ask for my reasoning.  We shared our opinions with each other and eventually concluded we had a philosophical divide on the particular subject. It was the most civil social media based argument I have ever been a part of and I am thankful we had it; it forced me to examine my own position and it got me thinking about my faith.

I woke up Wednesday morning scared.  I respect the democratic institution that has given the world President-elect Trump but I do not respect the man.  I found his hatred in his campaign speeches repulsive and his brash, prideful and not entirely stable temperament should never have been given the nuclear codes.  My fear is not unfounded. History has many cautionary tales of what happens when a rise in isolationist nationalism is coupled with poor economic conditions.  This piece by Tobias Stone gives some excellent reasons on why fear is an acceptable emotion at a time like this.

As this week has worn on however, I have started to find comfort.  Whether you call it God or Allah, Shiva or Jehovah, billions of people around this world believe in higher powers.  We believe in something that we cannot see, touch, or always understand but yet so many have an unwavering faith. Jess and I named our business Imani Farms, Imani is a Swahili word for faith. Farming is a challenging occupation where much of the outcome is determined by factors beyond your control.  Having faith helps me to keep a healthy mind when stressful circumstances arise. Faith can take many forms and for me it is my acknowledgment that there is a greater power guiding the tiller for humanity.

Today I am heading off to Germany for Euro Tier, the world’s premier livestock show.  I am going because I have dreams for Imani Farms and regardless of who is President of the United States I am going to work towards them.  Faith is not an excuse for inaction; it is what gives us courage to take risks and achieve our potential.

When I get home I’m going to renew my membership with the first political party I ever joined, the Conservative Party of Canada.  I have to accept that for the next 4 years I will have to say President Trump but by buying a CPC membership I can play my role to ensure that his northern surrogate never reaches the ballot. I’m going to join #NeverKellie

More on #NeverKellie when I get back.